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#दिवाली पर दीयों में रौशनी की चकाचोंध हो

Nicely on this Diwali celebration, This is often the most significant Competition of lights amongst all other festivals celebrated all over India.

Happy Diwali for you and everyone all-around you. Should you be below at this time, we could suppose you are searching for a last minute Diwali prefer to deliver on your family members. Don't be concerned, we got your back. This ecard is the ideal option for you to ship out and make people smile. Advertisement

As the candlelight flame, Your daily life may possibly usually be happiness' assert; As the mountain significant, You move with out sigh; such as white linen flair, Purity is usually an affair; As sunshine makes morning glory, fragrance fills decades as Flory; With all the immaculate eternal smile, hooked up to u mile after mile; All darkness is far away, As light is on its way; Want all of u an exceedingly happy Diwali.

भुजाएँगे, लेकिन जलते हुए दिलों की चिंगारियां

ये दीपों का त्यौहार ख़ुशी की सौगात ले आए…

May well God eliminates every one of the hurdles from a daily life and supply you pleasure and results on this Specific occasion of Diwali.

दीपावली का यह दिया मनुष्य को यह संदेश देता है कि हमें न सिर्फ स्वयं के हित के लिए सोचना चाहिए बल्कि एक दिया बनकर किसी के अंधकारमय जीवन में प्रकाश की एक किरण बनना चाहिए जिससे उसका जीवन संवर सके! अक्सर मनुष्य खुद के लाभ की ही उम्र भर सोचता रहता है परंतु एक दिया हमें यह संदेश देता है खुद के लिए ही नहीं बल्कि जरा दूसरों के लिए भी जी कर देखें। अगर हम भगवान श्रीराम के जीवन को देखें तो इस महापुरुष का जीवन हमें हमारे अंदर मौजूद लालसा, काम, क्रोध की भावना को त्याग कर अपने कर्तव्य के पथ पर चलने का संदेश देता है।

Diwali signifies joy, prosperity, and hope. It marks the start of cheerful moments full of joy. Send this heat ecard towards the people today you like They are going to be happy to grasp you happen to be thinking of them on this wonderful day.

इसलिए आज हम सभी श्रद्धा भाव से भगवान श्रीराम को पूछते हैं। अगर आपने रामायण देखी होगी तो रामायण की प्रत्येक घटना तथा पात्र से आप अपने जीवन में काफी कुछ सीख सकते हैं!

Remind your loved ones who're celebrating this Competition of light to always keep in mind that even the darkest times, light-weight will always win. They'll value the like that you share which Diwali are going to be wonderful for everyone.

A sweet and savory spread of food will remind friends and family of many of the reveling and pleasure to come all through their Diwali celebration!

Aid family and friends preserve happy Diwali images that light shining all all through the getaway using this heartfelt greeting.

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